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There has never been a time that humankind has been without inspiration. It is what brought two Swiss Amish craftsmen together in the 1600’s to create a friendship and build together. They crafted a barn from the ruins of the Wilenstein Castle and their legacy was born. Centuries later two of their descendants would find each other again, but this time in America. And they found that inspiration to create and build…with new friends. Meet Mantra Inspired Furniture.  Connections created through centuries with similar values. American made. American inspired.

What will your Mantra inspiration create? The possibilities are endless.


Tool kit for creating your Mantra possibility.

Contact us to get your very own sample kit of Mantra Inspired Furniture  finishes to get started on your inspiration.


American made. American Inspired.

Our Amish craftsmen come from a long lineage of artisans that understand the definition of quality.  Each piece is treated with pride and built to last generations.

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